My experience with ‘A course in Miracles’ has inspired me very much. It contains a universal truth that I recognize deeply. It is a quest for who you really are.┬áIn this search within I was struck by the illusion of fear. We never have to be afraid to look inside. The only thing that is there is my will… like the Creator who created it in his parable. Make contact with the part in you that feels that you are always more or less right and in your right. Now try to get in touch with that place where you can look at yourself with love. You have forgotten yourSelf, dare to look inside and meet the light of truth.

From this inspiration the bi-weekly meeting group ‘Vergeten waarheid’ was created, which I supervise in collaboration with Annemiek Bonekamp (founder of Away2love). If you feel drawn to the contents of ‘A Course in Miracles’ or need to deepen, you are welcome to participate.

See for more information Away2love.