I experience the phenomenon of music as a miracle that takes place in the deepest souls of man. It is the revelation from the light, a miracle because sound is not of this earth. It may be called up every time in the present. It reveals itself in many forms of sound where in the background the silence plays a leading role.

As a child I was stunned when the local harmony passed by. My experience was that I was lifted to another dimension. I wanted to be there, in being, the sound! I felt an absolute desire for life in sound, an ascent of the heavenly, to infinity. A life as an infinitely long tone, accompanied by the angel family with the only true wish ‘Father God, do you want to be my guide in heavenly sounds’.

Music is for me what you can hardly describe. It is a miracle, a fountain where everyone can experience his sound piece. Sound as life is a birth that allows eternity to live, fleeting and yet very present. The sound passes the word because its fluidity is unprecedented. For me music is an abstract form of inner life. The inspiration of music is for me as a musician-composer one of the deepest experiences on earth. It is love that is always, as water so fluid. It evokes itself in many nuances and colors that touch people. It lives in the hearts of the world, as love that is not of this earth.

Musicologist/reviewer Leo Samama: ‘The music of Adriaan Valk is like the composer: he tells us how to speak, asking, searching. He opens himself up to the people he addresses, as surprised at the beauty of music as his audience. The saxophone compositions (…) strengthen me in the idea that his music has the power of an open world, in which there is still room for dreamers. I think that I value that in this music: that calming balance between the simplicity of the child and the artistry of the narrative adult. ‘

Musicologist Jos Leussink (KRO-radio): ‘For Adriaan Valk, music is about expression and experience, about an awareness of the possible meanings of life, expressed in sounds. (…) His music is dramatic and of a great intensity. ‘